thedls_sword's Journal

Hello guys!


For you who do not know me, although I think most people looking at this page do, my name is Johan, and as many other Johans I live in Sweden. Mostly I'm just a regular guy with a regular ordinary life, but during nights I turn into Batman in many ways I'm also very random.

Among my primeintrests are books. I love to read and my favourite books of all time are the Australian Tomorrow Series by John Marsden. However I'm also a huge fan of Joanne Rowling's Harry Potter as well as George Martin's Asoiaf.

Another big intrest is football, and when I say football I mean real football, sometimes mistakenly refered to as soccer by Americans and Australians. I warn you though, do not commit the mistake to call football soccer in my presense, cause I will eat you alive!!!

I presume I have bored you long enough already, but if there still are things you wanna know about me, just ask.


MvH Johan (aka Nisse, aka Jevy, aka the smart kid, aka theDLs_Sword)

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